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Laboratory Negonje

Zg. Negonje 35a 3250 Rogaška Slatina


Pavel Pišek +386 (0) 31 709 930

In central laboratory in Rogaška Slatina, the company GIC GRADNJE performs tests on fresh and hardened concrete, tests on concrete blocks and aggregate analysis that is used in production of concrete blends and concrete goods. The laboratory is contemporarily equipped, employs highly qualified experts who also perform internal control of transport concrete production, as required by the standards SIST EN 206 and SIST 1026.In addition to quality control, optimization of the existing concrete blends is performed in the laboratory along with development of the most complex concrete blends for the customers and for internal projects. External audits are performed by a certified institution ZAG Ljubljana.

Moreover, production control of cut and bent steel reinforcement is performed in the laboratory in accordance with the requirements of Slovenian Technical Approval (STS-09/0020), granted to them by ZAG Ljubljana. The laboratory is also equipped to conduct tests on stone aggregates.